It is with pleasure that we inform you that in line with the initial strategy, this station has taken major steps in becoming a self financing entity,
enabling it to cover it’s running expenses and to generate surplus income to allow future development in different directions.

Over a short period of time we managed to secure web design contracts which are being executed. To date we have almost completed new projects.
Income from these projects will go towards covering the cost of operation and expansion of our activities.

We are now working on fulfilling other orders which will allow us to develop other areas.

We are also pleased to inform that Live365 broadcaster EndemixDj has been appointed as the coordinator of the playlist.
He is the Managing Partner and principal presenter of this radio
broadcasting “Cats Walk Music” for a number of businesses in Milan. 
“ The Milano Boy” is a talented and determined person with a lot of energy and a deep passion for music.
Take the back seat and listening to his fabulous selections. Feel confident that he will keep us entertained”  
Our station has offered to provide music and advertising for some websites and businesses. Business while receiving free radio advertising
also benefit from having a high quality broadcast of latest fashion music for their articulate customers. 
A customer says: 
“ A year ago I would have laughed if someone had told me that I will see so many changes in my business in such a short period of time. I am beginning to notice a completely different position in the market place and I feel overwhelmed with these changes and their future impact on my business” 
Milanoboy also expressed his satisfaction with the way that the first project was handled and said:
“ I am very pleased with the way this project was handled and now we are working on the second venture which consists of providing a higher quality service. We hope that this one will go through as smoothly as the first one ” When we asked him what is the benefit to the radio in providing this service to this audience, he replied:
“ First let me tell you that it has been a pleasure to work with such interesting people and then I wish to say that while we help some hand picked businesses with whom we can feel the synergy, to benefit from our service that  even larger companies find it difficult to finance, we too benefit from a better exposure to quality listeners in London and UK. So it is a win-win situation for everyone”. We have decided to offer this free service to additional companies in the following areas:
Men’s fashion ware
Home furnishing
Spa & Fitness centers


If you feel that your business could benefit from this service then you can contact gproduction